Company Formation:

Company formation

When should I use company formation and when should I buy a readymade company?
Company formation service is better, if You want to pay the capital of 2500.- EUR Yourself, of if You need a certain date of formation.
As with the creation of the new company, there are few things to pay attention:
-reserve capital
-specifications in the statute
-requirements for shareholders voices
-costs and fees for paying the capital later
Feel free to contact us:
Company formation including all fees: 250.- EUR
(formation via ID-card)
Company formation including all fees: 350.- EUR
(If You don´t hold an Estonian ID-card, the formation is made in Notary)

How ?


1) Contact us for formation and lets set a time.


2) Please take the ID-card and passwords to our office in Katusepapi tn. 4 Tallinn 11412.

In absence of ID-card the formation is made in Notary.


3) Formation takes approximately 30-40. minutes.


Please notice: In case of new company, there is no prepayd capital. The 2500.- EUR capital payment can be made from Your account during the formation or within one year of the formation.


As an alternative, You can allso buy a readymade company. Please see from the left column, when it is better to buy a readymade company...

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