Buying VAT liable company

When should I buy a VAT liable company?
You can register Yournew company for VAT, but it might take time and proof of existing business activity.
If You want to start/continnue business 
immediately, it is often cheaper to buy a business allready registred for VAT.
Important to remember:
-Once You buy a company with VAT registration number, the business activity must be continued, sence the existance of VAT number is given for active businesses. Otherwise EMTA might take the VAT nr. from the company.
-Privet sellers often sell companys without full documentation and history.
-If You have the time to wait, we can allso help You with applicationg for VAT nr.
Please ask for additional information.

VAT reg. companys

Final price including state fees:1300.- EUR
(IVIA ID-card - in absence of an ID-card Noraty fee of approx. 110.- EUR will be added)
Please ask for inventory of VAT companys.



Buying from 1Firmad:


1) We are not brokers for companys, but sell our own portfolio, so You´ll get the will documentary and guaranteed history.


2) We guarantee that no depts or obligations in third party are held.


3) Correct sales documentation presented


4) At time of sale, all the statments will be made.


All companys have prepayd capital of 2500.- EUR.


Please find additional information from the left column.

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